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Cedric Riley is a Motivational Speaker dedicated to community leadership and success for himself and others. At the age of seven, he and his siblings were placed in the Cuyahoga County Foster Care System due to parental neglect, and his life has been changed ever since. Though he and his siblings were placed in different homes, Cedric was able to adapt and learn the importance of accountability, and relationship building.

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How Will This Experience Impact The Life Of Your Son Or Daughter?

1. How will foster parents and kids benefit from this Seminar Soundtrack?

They will be provided a compelling example of someone who went through foster care and adoption and created a blueprint for success on that journey 

2. How will it change their life for the better?

They will be provided with insight that
can change the way that they see life, and the way they engage life

The Seminar Soundtrack will cover :

  • Cedric's journey to adulthood
  • Life in foster care
  • Raising your self-esteem
  • Our Formula for greatness

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